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İpek. She emphasizes 'I used to really use my house like a hotel before the pandemic' and tells us what she did in order not to get bored of the corners where he spent a lot of time at home during this period!!

“During this period when I had to spend a lot of time at home, I really tried to enjoy every moment of the day. Actually, I did the same things like everyone else… I read books, watched TV shows, listened to music, bought my computer and worked. I tried to create private corners at home for these activities for myself. And in order not to get bored of being at home, I occasionally revised these corners with new objects and new accessories. I also took care not to do the same activity in the same corner every day and to change places for the house. " The designs of Handan Loomworks accompanying İpek's morning coffee at this corner; 'Tilia', 'Path' and 'Bohemian Sun' hand woven throw pillows

İpek: “This corner is my favorite corner of the living room. Since it is next to the window, it gets a great light and there is a very nice sea view, albeit a little. In this corner, I sometimes sit on the sofa and sometimes on the floor, gathering everything that will make me happy and I enjoy a lot! My book, my magazine, my coffee, my candles, my JBL speaker…

I can say that I spend the best hours of the day in this corner. " Handan Loomworks designs you see in this frame; 'Tilia' and 'Bohemian Sun' hand woven throw pillows

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