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Another person that we wondered how he keeps both daily and working motivation high while spending most of his time at home in this period, which is very different for all of us, we are not used to much, and even when we are just getting used to, is Buğra, the Content Designer of Naif Design. Buğra has a very pleasant and cozy house in Moda. In this house, we photographed him in his favorite corners and asked him; What does it mean to be at home for you during this period?

Buğra: “I can say that I took care of every part of the house during this period. I filled in corners that I hadn't noticed before but were actually missing at home. For me, full house means warm home! Pillows on my sofa, new glasses, a new drawing pad… Every new piece I bought in my house was enough to motivate me in this period! ” In Buğra's house, where vibrant colors such as orange and red and abundant wood textures play the leading role, home textiles are also in harmony with the whole space! Just like the 'Piraye' and 'Onthe' hand woven pillows you see in this corner...

Buğra: “Due to my working pace, I realized how little time I used to spend at home. Actually I loved my house very much! Of course I miss socializing, but I am not complaining at all about the current situation. It makes me very happy to drink coffee, draw, work on a computer in a corner with a very sweet daylight starting from the morning. The Handan Loomworks design used by Buğra on his bed; 'Swan' hand woven pillow"

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